Beekeeping work

In this video series we would like to give you a small insight into our beekeeping work.

Spring is here. We are conducting the first spring inspection. But the bees need our support. Because right now they are finding too little nectar. Besides, it might get colder again next week. So they are getting a little bit of last year's honey. In the video we also explain the difference between a Swiss hive and the magazine. We also show why beekeepers use smoke.


In the second video we are conducting a control of a bee colony. Because the bee colony is very strong, we take some of the honey combs as well as some of the bees and create a nuc. Furthermore, we add the second honey room to the colony so that there is enough space for the honey harvest.


In the third video we catch a swarm of bees hanging in a tree at a higher altitude. One day later the swarm gets a new home.


In the fourth video we show you how we proceed with the honey harvest.