Mead Cocktails


You can enjoy our honey wine (mead) cold or hot. Warm honey wine can be warmed in the pan. However, the temperature should not exceed 65 degrees Celsius. Below you can find some recipes for honeywine cocktails. specialty:
Mix 2/3 Mead fruity lovely and 1/3 Mead Viking blood and warm it up.

Put 2/3 Mead fruity lovely and 1/3 sparkling wine in a goblet and drink it chilled.

Stone Thrower:
3/4 mead (various) and 1/4 rum or vodka and drink it chilled.

Let 2 bottles of Mead fruity lovely and 1-2 cans of mandarin or pineapple steep for 12 hours. Then mix with 1-2 bottles of sparkling wine and some cherry brandy and enjoy it chilled.

Mix Mead fruity lovely, sparking water, ice and lemon juice and drink it chilled.